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A Better Tomorrow
The office reception The office reception
The cafe lounge in the office The cafe lounge in the office
BAT is evolving at pace - truly like no other organization.


BAT Japan IS LOOKING FOR A Global Graduate in 2021 & 2022.
Location: Roppongi Head Office
Function: Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, Finance, Legal & External Affairs

British American Tobacco approach to your early training and career development, through the Global Graduate Programme, reflects our recognition that getting the right start is crucial to building a successful career. The Global Graduate Programme provides a foundation for your functional, managerial skills and business awareness development.

If you are interested, please apply through here!

Thank you.
プロフィール BAT is one of the most international leading tobacco company in the world. We've been in Japan for over 30 years and our products are widely known as Kent, Lucky Strike, KOOL and our new generation products called "glo" and which potentially reduce risks of tobacco.
事業内容 国内・海外たばこ事業
本社郵便番号 107-6220
本社所在地 港区赤坂9-7-1 ミッドタウンタワー
本社電話番号 03-6440-5700
従業員数 約750名 (BAT Group 5万人以上)
過去3年間の新卒採用者数・新卒離職者数 2019年 12名
過去3年間の新卒採用者数(男女別) 2019
Female: 6

Female: 11
Male: 7

Female: 5
Male: 5
月平均所定外労働時間(前年度実績) 約17時間(2018年度実績)
平均給与 新卒初任給 年収550万円 ※賞与別途支給
採用問い合わせ先 BAT Japan Recruitment Team

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