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Positive attitude is the answer to every challenge.
Thinley Wangmo
氏名: Thinley Wangmo
入社年月: 2019/10/15
出身学校: PSNA College of Engineering and Technology 工学部(BE) IT
部署: 事業部
職種: プログラマ
Ever since I was a kid, Japan had always been a country of interest for me. Coming from a small country (Bhutan) from the Himalayas, I’ve always been fascinated by the advancement of technology here in Japan. Also, never would I have ever imagined that I’d make it here someday. But I did. I’m here and want to learn all that this beautiful country has to offer. Starting from various technologies, work ethics to the different cultural experience. Everyday has been a joyous experience for me. I’m hoping to learn as much as possible and improve in my field.

It’s been only a few months, that I joined office, but I already feel very comfortable here. Everyone is well experienced in their filed of work and are very helpful. I’m a newbie here, but everyone at the company has been kind and patient. I’m thankful to everyone here.
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