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Being an Executive in 30's
Kay Tran
氏名: Kay Tran
入社年月: 2018
出身学校: 立命館アジア太平洋大学 国際経営学部
部署: Client Service Team
職種: Manager
A Saigoneer at heart since I was born and raised in Saigon until my college years at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University where I majored in Marketing and International Business Management.

I'm currently managing a core consulting business for the Asia region with a talented and driven team and also leading multiple operational excellence initiatives across Asia.

As an account and team manager, I’m aspired to collaborate with my team to identify the problems our clients are facing and ensure we deliver the top-notch solution to support our client in their business decisions while as the same time, work with each individual in the team to improve their strengths, developmental areas as well as to build up their career goals and professional branding.
Career Aspirations
I can always imagine myself as an executive leading a fast-growing company in my 30s with a dedicated and talented team and to prepare for that vision, I’m driven to develop the right management and commercial skill sets that would enable me to make successful decisions, in both business and people management within this ever-changing modern business world, that positively impact the firm, each individual and the societies.
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