Tokyu Resort Service
ホテル・旅行 / 不動産 / アミューズメント・レジャー / その他サービス
日本語 : 会話レベル英語 : 問わない
東京都港区南青山2-5-17 ポーラ青山ビル
常に高みを目指して、 サービスにも磨きをかける Always aiming for high goals, Also refine service
舟橋 将貴 Masaki Funabashi
氏名: 舟橋 将貴 Masaki Funabashi
入社年月: 2016年2月
出身学校: 立教大学 社会学部
職種: ホテルフロント Hotel Front Desk
常に高みを目指して、 サービスにも磨きをかける Always aiming for high goals, Also refine service

The company's idea of ​​growing rapidly without being satisfied with the current situation, and being attracted by the good personality of personnel affairs is a catalyst for joining the company. Indeed, I think that there is a strong desire for managers to make a meeting of growth strategies, and to really change more and more. In order to meet such a company, I am thinking of making the utmost effort I can do. In my case, the most important thing in dealing with customers is smiles. No one has a bad feeling when he is smiling. Also, the place where customers interact with the staff at the beginning and the end is the front desk where I am. So, if anything happens while you are staying, I would like to be a person who notices immediately so that you can follow up to satisfy our customers. I constantly keep a growing mind against small things, I hope to step up a lot after 5 or 10 years.